1989, Taiwan
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從 2012 年至今,王宥婷持續關注現今社會下觀看方式的各種可能性,以實驗性的精神打破既定的觀看模式,主題涵蓋探討關係、情懷、時間、空間等,創作形式主要以實驗動畫、錄像、攝影、3D 數位媒材等為主。2017 年開始轉換生活環境,以進駐臺灣東部作為雕塑自己身體感知及記憶的一種方式,一方面探索生活與創作之間的關係,並嘗試新的關係發生的可能。在長駐於臺灣東部的期間,她開始以身體作為媒材,透過身體自然形成這片土地的記憶,對應考古挖掘臺灣土地過去的遺留,探究土地是否有記憶的能力。



Since 2012, Wang Yu-Ting has been focusing on various possibilities of how the public experience the world, attempting to break the established ways of seeing. The themes she is interested in including relationships, feelings, time, space, etc. She mainly uses experimental animation, video, photography, 3D digital media to create. In 2017, she moved to eastern Taiwan. Through sculpting her own body perception and memory in the new environment, she’s been exploring the relation between life and art-creation, trying to develop new possibilities for building relationships.During her four years in eastern Taiwan, she began to use the body as a medium to create. While letting the body naturally construct the memory of the land to correspond to the archaeological excavation of Taiwan’s historical past, she looks to explore whether the land has the ability to remember or not.

Design is an art, albeit an applied one and we love designing.


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